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Because of the temparature changes everytime, the composite decking will surely contract and expand as well. The level of contraction and expansion will change base on the size of the board as well as the temperature. Larger board tends to expand much more compare to the smaller board. Each time when you are installing decking, the side by side distance should be at least 1/8 inch from the next board.

Azek Decking

When Fastening:

To fastened you composite decking, you can use different fastening system like pneumatic fasteners, nails, and screws. Then again, it is still best to talk to your constructure professional to make sure that selected fastener you have works with the joist and the materials for your decking. No matter what kind of fastener you have, a stainless type of that product will provide you with the best overall performance.

The lengthwise spacing between composite board has to be about 1/16 inch for each 20 degree additional temperature change from the start of installation up to the max anticipated temp on summer. The butt joints of the composite board should be staggered. You can also use a sister joist with the butt joint to deliver a much better fastening area.

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