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Battlestar Galactica/Eye Of Jupiter

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Eye of Jupiter Synopsis

This is part one of a two-part episode (see Rapture) from Battlestar Galactica, Season Three (episode 11).

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  2. Eye of Jupiter Synopsis
    1. Act One
        1. Scene One: Teaser Algae Planet
        2. Scene Two: Same
        3. Scene Three: Same
        4. Scene Four: Planet, inside Kara's raptor
        5. Scene Five: Planet
        6. Scene Six: Planet, inside Kara's raptor
        7. Scene Seven: Basestar
        8. Scene Eight: Planet
    2. Act II
        1. Scene Nine: Temple/Galactica via Radio
        2. Scene Ten: Galactica CIC
        3. Scene Eleven: Galactica
        4. Scene Twelve: Same
        5. Scene Thirteen: Same
        6. Scene Fourteen: Galactica hallway
        7. Scene Fifteen: Galactica Meeting room
    3. Act III
        1. Scene Sixteen: Planet
        2. Scene Seventeen: Same
        3. Scene Eighteen: Planet Temple
        4. Scene Nineteen: Galactica
        5. Scene Twenty: Baseship
        6. Scene Twenty-One: Plane
    4. Act IV
        1. Scene Twenty-Two: Planet
        2. Scene Twenty-Three: Same
        3. Scene Twenty-Four: Basestar
        4. Scene Twenty-five: Planet
        5. Scene Twenty-six: Same
    5. Act V
        1. Scene Twenty-seven: Galactica
        2. Scene Twenty-eight: Galactica, Helo and Sharon's quarters
        3. Scene Twenty-nine: Planet
        4. Scene Thirty: Galactica
        5. Scene Thirty-one: Planet
        6. Scene Thirty-two: Galactica
        7. Scene Thirty-three: Basestar
        8. Scene Thirty-four: Planet
        9. Scene Thirty-five: Planet Temple
        10. Scene Thirty-six: Galactica
        11. Scene Thirty-seven: Basestar
        12. Scene Thirty-eight: Planet Temple
        13. Scene Thirty-nine: Planet
        14. Scene Forty: Galactica

Act One

Scene One: Teaser Algae Planet

Raptors go down to Algae Planet. It's the 14th day since they've been there. People are obviously working hard. Tyrol hears a mysterious sound in the hills and turns to look.

Scene Two: Same

Tyrol and Sam explain how tough the work is when all of a sudden a raptor almost lands on top of them.

Scene Three: Same

Inside a building on the planet, Lee and Dee hear the raptor outside. Lee is furious and asks who is flying like that. Dee tells him it was Starbuck and it was the third time this week. She sarcastically says it's amazing how Starbuck is always at the top of the pilot rotation. Lee tried to explain it away but goes to meet Kara in the raptor. Dee decides not to go with him and watches him leave.

Scene Four: Planet, inside Kara's raptor

Lee meets Starbuck and tells her she came in a little hot. Starbuck sasses back and then they kiss. Lee tells her that this is insane. Starbuck says she like it that way as she undresses and kisses.

Scene Five: Planet

Callie asks Tyrol what he wants her to do next. He gives her some instructions then hears the sound in the hills again.

Scene Six: Planet, inside Kara's raptor

Lee tells Starbuck that he feels guilty and says they have to do something. Starbuck asks what they can do and Lee suggests divorce. Starbuck says she can't divorce and Lee says she can because she said her marriage was failing. Starbuck tells him marriage is a sacrament, that it's not a game and that she made a vow and won't break it. Lee says she breaks it every time they meet. She rationalizes that divorce is different and she's just bending the rules. She laughs. Lee says he can't live like this and sees his guilt in his wife's eyes. Kara mocks him as being poetic and says he doesn't need to make a big deal out of this. Lee says it is a big deal. Kara relents and says she won't divorce and he won't cheat. They're trapped.

Scene Seven: Basestar

Here is crying. We see Gaius lying in bed wondering whom the Final Five are and if he's a Cylon. He walks toward Hera. HE finds her and Boomer says she's not well. Gaius walks up to Hera and touches her to calm her and tells her that he's there for her.

Scene Eight: Planet

Tyrol hears the noises in the hills again. He decides to go up the hills to see what it is. After a long trek, he sees he has more to go and keeps climbing. He then finds a cave. He goes in and see that there has been development in the cave. He finds a door and opens it. Inside he finds a huge, massive abandoned temple.

Act II

Scene Nine: Temple/Galactica via Radio

Galactica crew examine the temple. Tyrol says carbon readings put it at 4,000 years, which lines up with the exodus of the Thirteenth Tribe. On the radio, the President asks him if he really thinks it's the Temple of Five. Tyrol confirms and says his father was a priest and he recognizes it from the books. He says it's important to the faith, but correct and says his father's faith. In Galactica, Laura is in Adama's quarters. She asks Tyrol over the wireless if this place could be related to the Eye of Jupiter. Tyrol said he doesn't know but he only remembers what he saw when sneaking into his dad's study. Adama asks what this is. Laura says the Scriptures say it's a marker left behind by the Thirteenth Tribe. It's supposed to point the way to Earth. An alarm goes off on Galactica and Gaita tell Adama that four baseships jumped into view. Adama leaves for CIC.

Scene Ten: Galactica CIC

Tigh tells Adama the Cylons jumped right on top of them. An officer tells Adama that the FTL Drives are ready and they can jump. Adama tells him to do it. The fleet begins jumping but Adama says they must hold the position until everyone is back on board. Laura tells Adama that if the Eye of Jupiter is a marker towards Earth and he interrupts and says he can't let the Cylons get their hands on it. Tigh realizes the Cylons aren't launching raiders. In fact, they're standing off. Laura says it's odd. Then, there's a message over the comm and that the baseship requests to speak to him. Adama tells him to put them through. Over the speaker there's a voice saying it's a pleasure to hear his voice it's Gaius Baltar.

Scene Eleven: Galactica

A Cylon raider is heading towards Galactica. Adama and Laura walk in the hallway of Galactica. Laura says she can't believe they're letting Cylons on the ship. Adama says they must want something bad if they're willing to talk or else they would have started shooting. Laura asks why they're sending Baltar and that they should know they wouldn't believe a word he says. Adama says the longer he talks, the more time they have to get Lee and his people off the planet.

Scene Twelve: Same

Under escort, D'Anna, Baltar, Boomer, and Brother are on Galactica on their way to meet the leaders. Along the way, Head Six shows up and tells Baltar that it feels like old times. Baltar says he can't believe how much he misses that place. Six reminds him that he can't return that they'd execute him. Baltar says he knows but says he feels like he's finally home. Six says if he's a Cylon that those feelings are all part of his programming. He said he's really human, that it will he his last chance to see his kind again. At a door, Athena walks out and tells the Colonel to wait and points at he Cylon avatar and tell him that she is Boomer. Tight told her that she just lost her visiting privileges and must be held until they get back. Boomer and Athena face-off.

Scene Thirteen: Same

In a meeting room, Adama and Laura walk in. Laura refuses to look at Gaius, He sounds desperate and tries to get her attention. He tells her it's good to see her. She looks up. Gaius walks back to the Cylons. D'Anna tells them that weapons aren't necessary. Cavil tells them they come in peace. Laura says, "what do you want" and gets down to business. D'Anna says they want the Eye of Jupiter and they must skip all the denials and protestations. She says they know Galactica has people on the ground and that they've found the original settlement of the Thirteenth Tribe. Cavil says they know they haven't jumped away because they found the artifact but haven't retrieved it yet. Laura tells them that they have people on the surface and aren't leaving them behind. He says it's touching but not convincing. Gaius adds that the chances they've all found the planet at the same time is small and that he'd like to address some issues. Laura says the less he talks, the better the meeting will go. Gaius said because of him they're still alive. Laura leaves in disgusts. Gaius reminds her that he saved her life twice and is losing count. Adama wants to know their offer. D'Anna says they must hand over the Eye of Jupiter and they'll let them live. Cavil adds they'll throw in Baltar and adds he's improvising and thinks they'd like some private time with the former leader. Cavil asks them if he's right. Tigh chimes in and says it's worth thinking about. Adama looks at Baltar and says it's definitely worth thinking about.

Scene Fourteen: Galactica hallway

Boomer and Sharon are in the hallways where boomer tells her that despite the uniform, that it isn't her home anymore. Sharon says she made her choice and knows her loyalties. Boomer suggests her daughter is still alive. Sharon accuses her of lying. Boomer says someone's lying but it's not her. She says Hera's alive at least for now. Sharon seems disgusted and torn. Boomer explains Hera is ill and they don't know why. Sharon doesn't believe her. Boomer explains that Baltar found her on new Caprica during the evacuation. She adds that from what she can gather, she was hidden at Laura Roslyn's school and suggests she planned the whole thing in the first place. Sharon says she doesn't need to listen and told the guards to watch her. Boomer says they let Sharon think Hera was dead and that they still think Sharon is a thing and not a person she's not one of them.

Scene Fifteen: Galactica Meeting room

Adama tells the Cylons that he's not giving the key to finding Earth. D'Anna tells him that if he brings it up from the planet, that they'll attack. Adama walks up to her face and tells her that he's setting the terms now: if they attack, he'll launch every nuke he's got and destroy the continent. D'Anna says he's bluffing that he wants to find Earth as much as they do. He tells the guards to escort them back to their ship. Gaius is anguished and hoped he could stay on Galactica.


Scene Sixteen: Planet

On the surface of the planet, Lee and Kara are chatting on the wireless to the Admiral and President and asking what to look for. The Admiral says it points the way to Earth. Laura says they don't know what it looks like. Lee asks his dad if he believes it. Laura wants to know too. Adama says the Cylons believe it and he can't take a chance that they're right. He gives Lee orders that if they get into the temple; he's supposed to blow it. Lee confirms, and then there is a shrill noise over the wireless. Kara says the Cylons are jamming the signal. Lee says they need a plan to defend the temple while Tyrol searches for the artifact. Kara asks what they're going to defend it with they have nothing. Lee wants to draft the civilians helping on the planet. Kara suggests that Sam should commend the civilians. Lee asks her if she's serious. She is.

Scene Seventeen: Same

Sam walks into the building where Lee and Kara are on the planet. Sam comments how only emergencies let them see each other anymore. Lee gives him command of civilians and explains the chain of command. Sam objects and says some have never held a rifle before. Lee tells him that he's supposed to be the expert at turning civilians into soldiers. Sam says they were guerrilla fighters and have never held a fixed position. Lee tells him to learn it fast while Tyrol searches for the Eye of Jupiter. Sam objects that they must risk their lives for something they've never found yet. Lee says he doesn't even know it exists but says he doesn't have to give him details. Sam is about to fight him when Kara interrupts. She tells him the Major is in charge of this one and waits for Sam's acknowledgment. Sam's says he wouldn't want to step between her and "her major". They leave and Lee tells Kara he thought that went very well. Kara says he'll do it. Lee says "he better".

Scene Eighteen: Planet Temple

Tyrol's crew is installing explosives in the temple while he's trying to figure out what the "Eye of Jupiter" is. Callie tells Tyrol she misses their son and asks if he thinks he's okay. Tyrol is distracted and says he's fine. He tells her that when he was growing up he hated everything about the faith and the endless discussions of it at the dinner table. He admits to her that he'd sneak into his mother's prayer room and dance around naked with porn mags just to defy the gods. He wonders how he found this place and just got a feeling to start walking and found it. Callie says that he has a reverence and even talks softer while in the temple. He admits that he feels something in there something true, but at the same time is setting charges in the holiest of the holies the Temple of Five if only his parents could see it and he's going to blow it up.

Scene Nineteen: Galactica

Galactica is docked next to the baseship. Gaita tells Adama that he analyzed the star and found it unstable and on the verge of going supernova. He says no one known when but the only warning they'll get is a helium flash before it obliterates the entire planetary system. He admits that he's not religious but the odds that human and Cylon converge on the planet at the same moment just before a star is to go supernova is bizarre. Adama says if this is the work of a higher power, then they have on hell of a sense of humor.

Scene Twenty: Baseship

On the baseship, the Cylons work out the dilemma of the artifact and how Galactica might destroy it, according to Cavil, D'Anna, Six, and Gaius. Cavil mentions that they can kill the humans and forfeit the Eye; that they'll still find Earth some day. D'Anna tells them that plans are in motion. She put a heavy raider on the surface while they slipped past the radar. Six asks why they weren't informed. D'Anna said it was a "need-to-know" mission. She says they've cut off the communications and put troops on the ground. She expects the Centurions to retrieve the Eye and Cavil can take out Galactica.

Scene Twenty-One: Plane

We see Centurions on the planet equipping for battle.

Act IV

Scene Twenty-Two: Planet

Sam tells the civilians that they're out of options; that the Cylons have them pinned on the rock and the only way out is to hold the place until Galactica can send a rescue party. He takes command and puts them to work and gives a pep rally.

Scene Twenty-Three: Same

Lee and Sam gear up. Lee tells him his speech was honest and he'd be a good officer. Sam says an officer swears an oath and knows how to keep it. Lee tries to deny the affair. Sam says he knows. He says he knows his wife that he's been married to her for a long time he asks him if he thinks he's the first. Lee is surprised. Sam says he chose Kara but he doesn't know what Lee is trying to do. Lee says he's trying to fight a war to save the people. Sam says he'll do anything for the cause and leaves.

Scene Twenty-Four: Basestar

D'Anna tells Gaius she's on the verge of seeing the Final Five and maybe the face of God himself. They're talking in front of the Hybrid. The Hybrid says it will be revealed to the chosen one and looks to Gaius. But D'Anna thinks she's the chosen one and says that the Final Five await her and she'll know the truth. Suddenly Six shows up and asks what truth? She tells them she thought they shared something special custom essays, but now feels neglected. Gaius tries to say they're integral but D'Anna interrupts and tells them that they're finished. She says that Baltar and her destiny is separate from Six; that only she and Baltar can enter the temple. Six asks what she's after. D'Anna says that Six can't be involved but Six wants to go. D'Anna asks her to pray for them, that they'll be praying for her and she turns and leav

Scene Twenty-five: Planet

Dee briefs the soldiers about the ground plans. Starbuck is offended that Dee is giving basic instructions to her. Dee asks her if she has a problem. Starbuck replies that she doesn't. Dee turns and leaves.

Scene Twenty-six: Same

Dee takes a partner and waits at an observation post and inform them that they're open for business. Kara is flying a raptor and sees the Centurions on the planet. They send a missile towards her craft. She flies back to the base to inform them of the message. Dee spots the coded messages and then sees the three Centurions. Starbuck is hit by the missile and goes down. Dee relays the message to headquarters, specifically to Lee.

Act V

Scene Twenty-seven: Galactica

On Galactica, Laura is looking through the Scriptures about the Eye. Adama walks into his quarters and sees her. Without looking up, she tells him what she found. Adama confronts her about what Boomer told Sharon. Laura is interested that the child is alive. She tries to explain but Adama walks out on her.

Scene Twenty-eight: Galactica, Helo and Sharon's quarters

Helo and Sharon can't believe what happened and confronts Adama about hiding Hera. Helo tells him that he, of all people, should know what it's like to lose a child. Adama says the difference is that Helo's child is still alive and hope he becomes grateful for that. Sharon, full of rage, tells Adama that she wants to see her.

Scene Twenty-nine: Planet

Lee tells Sam that Kara has gone down. Sam wants to know the location. Lee tells the civilians to prepare for a Cylon attack. Sam stops and wants to know about a rescue party for Kara. Lee says they have no manpower and must defend the position. Sam challenges him but Lee holds his ground, reluctantly. Sam asks him if he's out of his mind.

Scene Thirty: Galactica

Galactica's radar detects six heavy raiders heading towards the planet. Tight says they're testing them about nuking the planet. Laura says unfortunately they are bluffing but Adama replies, "are we?" He then orders nukes to be loaded into tubes for launch.

Scene Thirty-one: Planet

Another officer agrees that Lee is right, in the standoff between Sam and Lee. There aren't enough people to send a rescue party to hold the position. Sam says they should screw the position and use guerrilla tactics instead. Lee disagrees because it's not the orders essay service he was given. Sam accuses him of being a toy soldier and that they're talking about his wife. Lees bursts and says he knows and he has known her longer than he has. Sam said he's going to go find his wife.

Scene Thirty-two: Galactica

Adama continues the nuclear order. Laura asks what he's doing and can't believe he's actually going to nuke the planet.

Scene Thirty-three: Basestar

Six says there's a radiological detection. Cavils claims Adama is bluffing.

Scene Thirty-four: Planet

Lee tells Sam he can't let him go. Sam says he's not asking for permission. Lee orders the Sergeant to restrain him. Sam can't believe it.

Scene Thirty-five: Planet Temple

In the temple, Tyrol is trying to figure out the symbols.

Scene Thirty-six: Galactica

Adama is loading the nukes. Laura calls his bluff and asks if he's willing to nuke his son.

Scene Thirty-seven: Basestar

On the basestar, they see the nukes resume writers being loaded on Galactica. Some of the Cylons don't believe it's a bluff. Six says D'Anna and Baltar are trying to make it to the planet's surface.

Scene Thirty-eight: Planet Temple

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Tyrol finally translates: And the heavens opened up and they saw the eye. But, he doesn't know where the eye is.

Scene Thirty-nine: Planet

Sam asks if Lee is going to shoot hi. Lee tells him that he needs him commanding the civilians. Sam says he can't be stopped.

Scene Forty: Galactica

On Galactica, Adama releases the nukes. Tigh seeks to stop him with a simple, "sir?"

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