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Battlestar Galactica/Rapture

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Rapture Synopsis

This is part two of a two-part episode (see Eye of Jupiter) from Battlestar Galactica, Season Three (episode 12).

  1. Rapture Synopsis
    1. Act One
        1. Scene One: Teaser: Galactica
        2. Scene Two: Basestar
        3. Scene Three: Algae Planet
        4. Scene Three: Galactica
        5. Scene Five: Basestar
        6. Scene Six: Galactica
        7. Scene Seven: Basestar
        8. Scene Eight: Planet
        9. Scene Nine: Galactica
        10. Scene 10: Basestar
        11. Scene 11: Same
        12. Scene 12: Galactica
    2. Act II
        1. Scene 13: Galactica
        2. Scene 14: Baseship
        3. Scene 15: Planet
        4. Scene 16: Same
        5. Scene 17: Temple
        6. Scene 18: Planet Ridge
        7. Scene 19: Planet Canyon
    3. Act III
        1. Scene 20: Same
        2. Scene 21: Planet Crash site
        3. Scene 22: Basestar
        4. Scene 23: Planet Temple
        5. Scene 24: Same
    4. Act IV
        1. Scene 25: Planet Crash site
        2. Scene 26: Planet Temple
        3. Scene 27: Planet Temple
        4. Scene 28: Galactica
        5. Scene 29: Planet
        6. Scene 30: Planet Crash site
        7. Scene 31: Planet Temple
    5. Act V
        1. Scene 32: Galactica
        2. Scene 33: Same
        3. Scene 34: Galactica
        4. Scene 35: Galactica
        5. Scene 36: Galactica -- Kara's quarters
        6. Scene 37: Basestar

Act One

Scene One: Teaser: Galactica

Adama tells Gaita to disable warhead safeties. Laura is disgusted. Adama tells XO to enter his code.

Scene Two: Basestar

One the basestar, the Cylons plead with Six to bring back the raider. They believe Adama will fire his weapons.

Scene Three: Algae Planet

On the planet, Sam tells Lee that if Kara dies, he'll kill him. Lee says that if she dies, he'll let him kill him. At the standoff, Lee gets Dee on the radio. Dee says there's no visual and asks her if she can get to the raptor. She tells him she doesn't know. Lee wants to know if it's doable. Dee still doesn't know.

Scene Three: Galactica

On Galactica, Adama continues to prepare nuclear weapons.

Scene Five: Basestar

On basestar, D'Anna tries to negotiate. The Cyclons aren't backing down. D'Anna gives in and puts her hand in the data stream.

Scene Six: Galactica

On Galactica, Gaita says the raiders are turning back but Adama says there's still one more. One is still going to the planet.

Scene Seven: Basestar

D'Anna says Adama won't launch against a single raider. The Cylons still object but she insists.

Scene Eight: Planet

Dee asks Lee over the radio if he wants her to rescue Capt. Thrace. Lee tells her to attempt a rescue. Dee says "yes sir" and hangs up.

Scene Nine: Galactica

On Galactica, Adama watches the radar and gives the order to disable the missiles. Everyone is relieved.

Scene 10: Basestar

D'Anna says it's never over one ship.

Scene 11: Same

Later, Cavil says that D'Anna is obsessed. It's not about the "eye", it's about her. The others agree and say they need to do something about her, and to do it sooner rather than later.

Scene 12: Galactica

On Galactica, Helo and Sharon discuss Hera. Sharon says she's going to go get her. Helo tries to talk her into going together. Sharon wants to kill herself to resurrect onto the basestar. She begs him to kill her. They hug and he shoots her. He breaks down with Sharon in his arms.

Act II

Scene 13: Galactica

Sharon is taken to the morgue. Adama and the president grill Helo about what happened, questioning whether Sharon is loyal or not that she has codes and procedures. Helo says she is loyal but Adama said she might not have a choice about what she can say or not. Laura tells him that he has jeopardized the entire fleet. Helo tells her that if she hadn't lied and stolen their baby that they wouldn't be there at all. Laura and Adama sort of look away. Laura says there's plenty of blame to throw around and she accepts it. She says she only hopes that Sharon is worthy of his trust. And the Admiral's as well. She leaves them.

Scene 14: Baseship

On the baseship, Sharon wakes up and Six is there and asks what happened. Sharon says this was the only way to see her daughter. Six says Hera is getting worse. Sharon says that them stealing the baby proves her loyalty. She says it's safer for her on the basestar.

Scene 15: Planet

On the planet, Lee leads a planning session about the Cylons and is now after them guerrilla-style. Their mission is to hold the temple.

Scene 16: Same

Dee and a nameless colleague begin Kara's rescue when they're shot. Dee's partner is killed. She then takes cover and runs.

Scene 17: Temple

Tyrol is trying to figure out the meaning of the script when Lee calls on the radio. Tyrol says that he hasn't found the Eye and needs more time. Lee says he'll hold the Cyclons as long as possible. Tyrol tells everyone to get ready to pack-up and move.

Scene 18: Planet Ridge

D'Anna and Baltar survey the canyon from a ridge. She says they're "so close" to finding the meaning. Baltar says he knows all the answers to her questions are down there in the temple. D'Anna says she's worried. Gaius looks at her. He reminds her that she's the chosen one who is going to look at the faces of the Final Five. D'Anna says that's what she's afraid of: to know the face of God is to know madness. The hybrid is mad b/c of this. Gaius tells her to have faith and put her life in his hands and he'll guide her to her destiny. She tells him she's grateful to him for everything. Head Six appears and says Baltar's destiny will part from his; that she's not the chosen one: he is. Gaius says he knows.

Scene 19: Planet Canyon

Lee and crew prepare for battle in the canon. They wait. Sam tells the civilians under his command to do as they're told and maybe they'll live. The Cylons finally show up.


Scene 20: Same

As Sam and his crew wait to ambush the Cylons, they blow them up but miss. The Cylons shoot back and Sam pulls everyone back. There is a cease-fire. Someone is dead and Sam isn't sure how to react. Lee shows up and tells Sam to pull himself together and dig in until Tyrol finds the eye. Kara and Dee also haven't replied yet.

Scene 21: Planet Crash site

Kara is crashed in her raptor. Her gloves are burned to her hands. She reaches for morphine and hears something approaching outside. She waits for it and then Dee walks in, scaring her. Starbuck tells her she should have called-out. Dee sees the problem with Kara's hands and helps her to administer the morphine. Dee said her husband ordered her to risk her life for hers. She says out loud that she's going to bring Starbuck back to Apollo.

Scene 22: Basestar

On the basestar, Sharon and Six see Hera who is crying. Boomer is there and tries to console the baby without luck. Sharon picks up the baby and she calms down. Boomer said she tried everything. Six says Hera recognizes her mother. Boomer is jealous. Sharon tells her she still cares about Tyrol and Adama and Hera. Boomer said she left that part of her life behind; that humans and Cylons were not meant to be together. Sharon sees that Hera's belly is hard. Boom said the doctor's examined her. Sharon says they've never examined children. Sharon grabs Six and tells her that Hera needs a human doctor and that she needs to go back to Galactica. Six protests saying the baby means so much to them. Boomer says she's been planning custom essay writing this all along. Sharon tells Boomer to feel Hera. Sharon says that if she doesn't take her, then the first of the new generation will die. Six is concerned Sharon says God will never forgive her. Boomer said that maybe Cavil was right: that God never wanted them to have children. Boomer adds it might be better if she just snaps her little neck. Six and Sharon plead with her to not kill her. Six hits Boomer then twists her neck. Sharon grabs Hera. Six says the future of the Cylon race rests with her and they'll be after her. Six says there's a captured raptor on board and that she's got to get her back to Galactica.

Scene 23: Planet Temple

On the planet, the soldiers search for Cylons. Someone witnesses them and they open fire. In the temple, Tyrol talks to Lee who asks if he's found the Eye of Jupiter. Tyrol says he sees something about an eye, a storm, and an explosion. Tyrol admits he does not have the eye in his hands. Lee tells him to wrap it up and blow up the temple.

Scene 24: Same

Tyrol has his tem complete rigging the temple with explosives. He's about to leave when Callie grabs him and tells him to go; that it's in the hands of the Gods.

Act IV

Scene 25: Planet Crash site

At the crash site with Dee and Kara, they're prepping to leave on the crashed raptor. Kara is in serious pain. Kara explains what they need to do. Dee gives her a shot of morphine. She tells her there is only one left and they should save it for when she flies them out of there. Kara says she can't fly and Dee gets furious. Kara says Lee won't cheat. Dee responds, "unlike Kara". Kara reveals it's true. She says she loves Sam and she hates him. She loves Lee and she hates him. She says she cheats to keep things together. Dee slaps her out of her morphine trance and tells her to stay with it she still needs to know the avionics.

Scene 26: Planet Temple

Tyrol and Lee are wiring the temple for destruction while D'Anna and Lee enter it. Cavil says they should disconnect the explosives. Chief Tyrol hesitates to blow up the temple and says he can't do it. D'Anna calls for Gaius to help uncut the explosives. Lee grabs the controls and presses the button but nothing happens. He asks what Tyrol did so that it doesn't work. Tyrol turns to the sky at it changes and tells Lee to look at it.

Scene 27: Planet Temple

In the temple, Head Six shows up while Gaius is looking at a symbol. She says it has the answers to his questions. He points to the eye and D'Anna sees him do t. Cavil stops D'Anna and confronts her saying she isn't looking for Earth -- she's looking for something else.

Scene 28: Galactica

On Galactica, they watch the star go supernova. Adama says in less than an hour, the star is going to blow.

Scene 29: Planet

Tyrol tells Lee that the sun is going nova and that it's supposed to happen. The nova is the eye of Jupiter. Lee decides they can still blow up the temple.

Scene 30: Planet Crash site

Kara and Dee take off in the raptor. Dee is driving erratically. Once in orbit, Kara assures her that Galactica will find them.

Scene 31: Planet Temple

D'Anna tells Cavil that this is her destiny to see hat lies between life and death. Cavil says looking upon the faces of the Final Five can't happen. D'Anna says it's her destiny. Cavil is disappointed and says he's sorry. He pulls a gun but suddenly is shot in the back by Gaius. Light fills the temple. D'Anna walks into the Eye and sees the stage. There she sees the silhouettes of the Final Five. She wonders if it's really them. She looks at each of their faces and then sees the last face. She's shocked and asks for forgiveness saying, "I had no idea." She reaches for its hand when she's lifted up and out of the dream by Gaius. He wants to know whom she saw, wondering if it was he. D'Anna convulses, has a nosebleed, says it's beautiful and dies in Gaius's arms. He still doesn't know if he's a Cylon. He stands on the eye and tells God he wants to know the truth before he dies. Then a gun is at his head and Tyrol says, "welcome home, Mr. President" and knocks him cold.

Act V

Scene 32: Galactica

On Galactica, the sun increases and Gaita tells Adama that the Cylon fleet jumped away. Adama wants information on the rescue mission. Tigh says it's going to be a photo-finish.

Scene 33: Same

The first waves of the supernova begin to destroy the planet. All the ships make it home and Adama orders a jump.

Scene 34: Galactica

Back with the fleet, Galactica unloads the raptors. There's a bodybag placed on a stretcher. Tigh tells them to take it to the brig. Lee and Sam nod at their teamwork writing services. Then Starbuck walks up with a limp. Lee watches her embrace Sam while Dee watches Lee. He hugs Dee but both he and Starbuck still watch each other. Helo runs up to Sharon's raptor. Inside is Sharon and the baby. They embrace. Six then shows up. Sharon protects her. Tigh sends Six to the brig.

Scene 35: Galactica

Gaita shows the president and the admiral the analysis of what happened. Adama aggress it looks like a marker from inside the temple. Laura wanted to know if the Thirteenth Tribe had a vision of what's to come. Tigh said maybe they simply drew a picture of another Nova. Gaita lays out a map -- there was another nova 4,000 years ago. Adama wonders if it's a road sign towards their next direction. Helo looks at the image of the temple drawing, paper editing and wonders something.

Scene 36: Galactica -- Kara's quarters

Helo visits Starbuck. He asks her if she has pictures of her ld apartment. She does. He looks at the painting in the picture. Then he shows her the resemblance to the marker in the temple. He asks her where she got the idea. She says she doesn't know; that she was always doodling that design. Starbuck remembers what Leoben said: that she had a destiny; that it was already written.

Scene 37: Basestar

On the basestar, D'Anna is resurrected with Cavil by her side. He tells her the decision wasn't easy but the conclusion was unavoidable. D'Anna's model was flawed. D'Anna says it isn't a flaw to wonder who programmed them to think and why. Cavil says it is the problem: her messianic mission to enlighten the Cylons causes damage. She says she'd do it again and Cavil says that's why they've decided to box her entire line. She tells him that there is something between life and death that she saw five other Cylons and that one day he'll see them too. He tells her goodbye. She doesn't want to die. Cavil walks away. The camera pulls back to reveal thousands of resurrection pods on multiple levels.

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