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Capiz Chandelier

To start with our subject, we should first learn about Capiz. Basically, Capiz is a province in the Philippines and is located in region six of the country. The capital city of the province of capiz is Roxas City. The province of Capiz is naturally gifted as it is abundant with seafoods and many pearl shells. Also known as the Sea foods capital of the Philippines, Roxas City Capiz is just so rich in these resources. Basically, with the abundance of Capiz Shell in that provice, the shells got their name from the same place. Due to the distinctive texture and its unique look, the Capiz Shell is very well known for its use in making products and other crafts for decoration.

Capiz Shell Chandelier

In terms of beauty and sophistication, we all know that the chandelier are one of the best decaration for home interior. . Chandelier lighting fixture are a very complex home decor but as well as very wonderful. These kinds of decor are considered to be a luxurious form for a home decor item as it has many little lights and bulb in it. Chandeliers already exists many years ago and originally came from the medieval times as they are used with different design and styles in many places. But there is one unique and most revered type of chandelier today, and they are called the Capiz Shell Chandelier. Even if its lights is on or off, Capiz Shell Chandelier looks magnificent. With its beautiful sound of its shell, capiz shell chandelier will surely grab the attention of its looks and visitors.

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