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Creative Writing And Storytelling

If you want to learn how to write a story, realize that most writers do not take creative writing courses because the courses no longer teach storytelling. Instead, teachers today analyze authors, such as gender identity, and other far-flung aspects of writing.

This used to not be the case. Until the 1960s, schools taught the prose arts and taught students how to write stories by studying dramaturgy. As you said, writing good style is learned. It is more than a coincidence that the Golden Age of screen, stage, and page ended in the 1960s when schools moved to the extrinsics of writing.

Today, the most prolific writers are journalists. They still have to learn how to write and through lots of practice they can write very well. This option is still open to many people especially if they're wanting to write essays and other types of non-fiction. In terms fiction writers, they subconsciously learn how to write through mimicry by reading. When they begin to write they emulate the authors that they read. Eventually they find their own style. writing help Assignment essay writing Stephen King talks about this in his book "On Writing".

But there is also one other place people who want to learn how to write fiction can go: Film School. Screenwriting is storytelling, whether it's for a book, a play, or a movie. Movies succeed when stories are told well and it all starts with the screenwriters. I recommend the texts that are used in film schools that teach how to tell a story, including "Story" by Robert McKee? and "Screenplay" by Syd Field.

To summarize. Don't take creative writing courses. They're impractical. Instead, take: 1) Journalism 2) Go to film school and focus on storytelling 3) Read a lot 4) Study how to write by reading texts that teach you how to tell a story

The options I provided above are far superior to taking a creative writing course that includes a curriculum designed to analyze rather than to actually write.

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