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Forex Robot

This is thanks to the indisputable fact that managed foreign exchange accounts are tightly controlled, those trading them simply have very little room to get things terribly wrong.

Whilst it's true that even with some of the most hardened executives trading your currency exchange account there is still a risk to your funds, it is nearly definitely a decreased risk than trading all by yourself. Even the very best account may experience times of drawdown. When researching account options the maximum monthly drawdown is among the key figures to take a look at. Others are the performance figures, taking into consideration both the short and long-term consequential performance, and the costs.

Overheads amount to an account management charge and a performance related fee calculated as a percentage of profits. Forex BulletProof is a forex system which was released to the public in August. During this time the program did not have a drawdown month.

Performance is related to risk, and you'll often see a selection of account options which use trading methods with differing degrees of risk. These vary seriously, and the costliest accounts are not necessarily those with the finest performance history, so it pays to look around. It is important to mention that the minimum opening figure for most non-public managed forex accounts is at present around $50k.

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