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Poor Infrastructure

Infrastructure in the United States

It's often stated that infrastructure in the United States is crumbling. This site seeks to examine the infrastructure and determine whether it is indeed crumbling, the reasons why it's deteriorating, and the most-efficient methods to improve infrastructure.

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Key Questions

  • Is infrastructure in the US crumbling?
  • Why does it take infrastructure projects years to complete?
  • Determine key categories to examine: communications (telephone, cell, internet), water, power).
  • As a developed country, can the US compete with developing countries who can call a cheap and numerous labor force along with less regulation? (e.g., China, India).


Current Infrastructure Issues

Ongoing issues that illustrate the infrastructure situation in the US.

Hurricane Ike

  • Hurricane Ike turns off the lights for one week for everyone in Houston: ~Six million people.
  • Because of lack of electricity, water plants could not produce enough pressure to supply water.
  • Cell phone networks were rerouted.

Hurricane Gustav

  • Close to 60k people in Louisiana still don't have power, one month after hurricane.

To Do

  • Develop timelines about what happened to infrastructure during hurricanes and how the power was restored, including the process of how it was restored.

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