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The X-Files

What makes The X-Files entertaining?

I remember watching The X-Files while it was on television and truly enjoyed the show. After a decade when the series signed-off, I decided to buy the series. But after starting Season One, I realized that the show was not very exciting, predictable, and full of cliches! At that point, I had only watched six or seven episodes. Then I reached an episode that surprised me. After that episode, the series hit its stride with episodes that were suspenseful and original.

How The X-Files created suspense

As I became more curious, I became more interested in the story. As I expected a certain result, the writers surprised me by giving me a different result and I wanted to know why, so I continually followed the story.

Much of the surprise happened when something was illogical. For example, in Series One, a severely mentally-disabled man killed a scientist in a wind tunnel, then erased some equations from a white board and then wrote his own. While this was surprising, it was not truly original because I somewhat expected it. But later on, when his writing was analyzed, the analyzer told Mulder that it couldn't be the man's handwriting.

-- To be continued ... Astralis Lux Oct. 22, 2008

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