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Money Spells

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There are a large number of options for making money, on the other hand one system that gets very little attention is the usage of powerful money spells. Before you dismiss me as being some madman, take a minute to think about exactly what is suggested by magic.

Magic is really a term that has long been chosen to discuss unusual phenomena we cannot understand through alternative means. In the past in ancient times, a lot of things that people take for granted today, had been looked at as being magical. For example, thunder and lightning, which even at present are considered as having supernatural characteristics by quite a few remote tribal people. Of course, we know that thunder and lightning are caused by a buildup of static electricity in the atmosphere. But to people without any comprehension of scientific disciplines, it is easy to imagine that it has to be the result of some magical process.

So when I mention making use of money spells, I'm not really dealing with some hocus pocus stuff of which you could expect to see in a Harry Potter book. In fact I'm speaking about using little-understood techniques to bring in wealth.

In fact somewhat routine things, such as working with natural ingredients to treat wounds or cure illness were considered by quite a few civilisations to be witchcraft and voodoo. Women were burnt at the stake for no more.

At least one such practice is the effective use of morphic energy. This is actually the energy which connects together all atoms in existence. It is part of the Dark Energy field that makes up 70% of all energy in the cosmos. You are unable to see it, but we realise it's there by way of its influences. It is reckoned that morphic fields account for all kinds of unexplained communications, in addition to being the force that allows the law of attraction.

Keep in mind, that is not to say one can cast a money spell and automatically be loaded. It can take some time to build up to that. Nevertheless for certain, there are people who right now are earning their very own personal fortunes thanks to little known techniques that, due to a lack of understanding, can easily pass as magic.

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