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Mad Men/For Those Who Think Young

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== For Those Who Think Young Synopsis ==
Season Two: Episode One
It's Valentine's Day, and the Sterling Cooper advertising agency is hustling to 
stay on top of its game and buzzing over the newest office equipment. Don and 
Duck find themselves at odds over an account. Betty reconnects with an old 
friend and once again finds herself struggling with car trouble.
== Act I ==
==== Scene 1 Doctor's Office ====
Draper is getting weighed for his insurance physical.  His blood pressure is 
high and he gives some background on his family and his lifestyle: He has five 
drinks a day and smokes two packs a day. He convinces himself that he's fine 
but the doctor tells him he needs to relax and prescribes him phenobarbitol.
==== Scene 2: Stables ==== 
A horse rider who is learning flirts with Betty and her friend, Sarah Beth, at 
the stables.  Sarah Beth tells her he's engaged so there's no reason to act 
==== Scene 3: Office ==== 
A new copier arrives. Joan, the main secretary, can't decide where to put it.
==== Scene 4: Office - Conference Room ==== 
Salesmen decide to begin eating without Mr. Draper.    They expect Peggy, who 
is a copy writer, to get the drinks, etc, and ask her to go see where Draper 
is.  When she leaves, they wonder where she went for long and why she's 
skinnier.  They suspect whe went to a fat farm.
==== Scene 5: Office - Mr. Draper's secretary's desk ==== 
Peggy asks Draper's secretary, Lois, when he'll return.   The scecretary 
reveals more information about Draper rather than telling her that he's simply 
not in.  Peggy tells her she expects her to speak as if Mr. Draper is behind 
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==== Scene 6: Bar ==== 
Draper is eating at a restaurant.  He sees a man reading Frank O'Hara's 
Meditations in an Emergency who replies, "I don't think you'd like 
it," when Don asks about it.  
== Act II ==
==== Scene 7: Roger's Office (with Joan, Secretary) ==== 
Roger asks Joan about her boyfriend.  Joan asks why he would care.  She says 
her boyfriend is going to "ask her" and Roger wonders if he will ask 
to marry her.
==== Scene 8: Same (with Duck) ==== 
Martinson's Coffee account has a problem, no one under 25 drinks coffee 
anymore.  Duck is grilling Roger about Don not hiring young people.  The 
account is even thinking about hiring a new  writing/creative team. Roger tells 
Duck to tell Don this problem himself.  He says Don is not focused.
==== Scene 9: Office - Conference Room ==== 
Don finally arrives to the creative meeting.  He wants new information on the 
Mohawk Airlines account.  He's not impressed with the Indian puns.  He wants 
"sex" in the ad.
==== Scene 10: Draper's House ==== 
Betty looks at her daughter's Valentine she's making for her father.
==== Scene 11: Draper's Office ==== 
Roger walks into Draper's office.  He tells them that Duck wants more young 
people for the Martinson's Coffee.  Don says clients don't understand success.  
He says the young don't know anything.  Roger tells him to prove Duck wrong.
== Act III ==
==== Scene 12: Savoy Hotel Restaurant ==== 
Valentine's Day.  Don is at the hotel restaurant waiting for his wife while 
looking at other couples. His wife walks down the stairs.  He's mesmerized by 
how beautiful she is.  Juanita Carson, who is with an older man, sees Betty and 
calls her over, they haven't seen each other in a long time and used to be 
roommates. Betty is surprised she's with him and Don tells her that Juanita is 
a "party girl".  Betty is shocked and wonders how Don knows.
==== Scene 13: Savoy Hotel Suite ==== 
Betty undresses and reveals her sexual attire.  Don is impressed and begins 
getting undressed.  Betty wonders how much Juanita makes.  
==== Scene 14: Peter Cambell's Apartment ==== 
Peter gives his wife, Trudy, some Valentine's Candy.   Trudy tells him that 
Harry Crane's wife is pregnant.  Peter explains it's impossible because Harry 
never told him but Trudy says he doesn't know yet and she's going to surprise 
him this evening.  She then gets teary-eyed when thinking how everyone else is 
pregnant but her.  Peter seems to be indifferent and says she's luck to have 
==== Scene 15: Savoy Hotel Suite ==== 
Don and Betty try to make love but Don has "problems".  Betty wants 
to know what she can do to help him.  She tries to explain it away saying she 
drank so much.  They decide to order room service.  Don turns on the television 
and they watch Jaqueline Kennedy give a tour of the White House.
==== Scene 16: Valentine's Night Montage ==== 
A. At home, Sal and his wife view the White House tour while eating pie. 
B. Joan and her boyfriend are making-out but she is also watching the White 
House tour.
C. Peter is alone watching something else on the television and eats some of 
the Valentine's candy.
== Act IV ==
==== Scene 17: Draper's House (the next day) ==== 
Francine is talking to Betty the White House tour on television.  Betty lies 
that she hadn't seen it, that she was too busy with Don at the hotel.  Francine 
is jealous in a friendly way.  Betty tells her she saw Juanita and learned 
she's a call girl and is surprised she knows a call girl.
==== Scene 18: Office (next day) ==== 
Creative works at a desk in the middle of the secretary's floor. Ken tells Henry
congratulatations about having a baby, glowing in the fact that he knew before
him.  Henry seems pleased about having kids. They see two young creative guys
walking into Don's office.  Henry says [ custom
research papers] that Duck made Don meet with them, to which Peter says that no
one makes Don do anything. Peggy shows up and asks why there's a meeting, that
no one told her there's a meeting.
==== Scene 20: Don's Office ==== 
Don meets with the writer/drawing team.  He's notices their age, that they 
haven't settled down, that they 
==== Scene 21: Office Hallway ==== 
Joan is still trying to decide where to put the copier.  She sees Lois and 
tells her that she's not allowed to be crying in the break room, a rule Joan 
created long ago and that she needs to correct her attitude towards "Miss 
[Peggy] Olson".
==== scene 22: Office ==== 
Don sees the writer/drawing team out of the door.  Duck walks up and is pleased 
to see them but the team is upset that people know they're there; they want it 
to remain a secret who they're talking to for work.  Duck tells Don he is happy 
that he met with them.  Don says now that he got a copier and the kids, that he 
should now get Martinson's Coffee.  Duck tells Don not to get worked-up, that 
there are other ways to look at things than the way Don looks at them.
==== Scene 23: Peter's Office ==== 
Creative team discusses an account.  Ken wants to go out to celebrate Henry's 
new baby.  When they leave, Pete and Peggy discuss children with Pete saying 
they're not a big deal.  He asks Peggy if she wants children and she says 
"some day".
==== Scene 24: Draper's Office ==== 
Draper is reading "Meditations in an Emergency".  The creative team
comes in to give information on the Mohawk account.  Don is still not impressed
with the work.  He outlines a girl in the
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and says the ad should be about "feeling".  She says "sex
sells" and Don wants to know who told her that.  People who talk that way
think monkey's do advertising.  He plops down his daughter's advertising and
says feeling sells advertising, not sex.  Accounts can't do advertising and hate
advertisers for it.
==== Scene 25: Peggy's Office ==== 
Peggy tries to walk into her office and everyone is in it playing with the 
copier, its new location.
== Act V ==
==== Scene 26: Office - Elevator ==== 
Don is on the elevator with two guys.  One is wearing a hat. A woman gets on 
the elevator and they continue their sexual discussion.  Draper tells the guy 
to take off his hat and he says "is there a problem?" and Draper 
takes it off for him.
==== Scene 27: Country Road ==== 
Betty's car breaks-down on the road.  
==== Scene 28: Draper's House ==== 
Don gets home and pours a drink.  His wife isn't there.
==== Scene 29: Country Road ==== 
Betty gets a tow-truck and the mechanic fixes the car.  She doesn't have enough 
money.  She doesn't want to put it on an account and flirts with the mechanic.  
He fixes the car and tries to take her hand at the end but she pulls back.
==== Scene 30: Draper's House ==== 
Draper is watching television.  His wife is late. His daughter walks in. Betty 
lies that she got stuck talking to someone in the parking lot.  He says he's 
been at home.  He asks the daughter to show them what she learned in ballet and 
watches his wife sits beside him.
==== Scene 31: Draper's House - Den ====
Don reads more from "Meditations in an Emergency" and writes 
Now I am quietly waiting for the catastrophe of my personality to seem 
beautiful again, and interesting, and modern.  
The country is gray, and brown and white, and trees.  
Snows and skies of laughter always diminishing. Less funny, not just darker, 
not just gray.
It may be the coldest day of the year, what does he think of that.  I mean what 
do I?  And if I do, perhaps I am myself again.
He writes, "Made me think of you. -- D" on the title page and walks 
down the street to mail the book to an unknown recipient. 
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